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The NHL Realignment Hashtag Last Night was Hilarious

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In the world of social networking, opinions can be heard around the world in one fell swoop. As an avid user of twitter since April of this year, many trending topics have passed through the side of my Twitter page. Last night, the NHL Board of Governors approved a deal that would create 4 conferences; let's just call them East 1, East 2, Central, and West for now. A wide variety of opinions were heard, some for the realignment, and some against the realignment, mainly due to the radically altered playoff system which will surely be discussed further today. One of the best things that came out of the approval last night was the hashtag #nhlconferencenames which was a trending topic last night. Some tweets (in general, not in this particular TT) will make you shake your head in disgust, but there is always a handful of smart-alecks out there who will bring a smile to your face and restore your faith in humanity. The #nhlconferencenames trending topic was full of the latter, and I've decided to bring to you some of the best and brightest tweets from last night. Check it out after the jump.

1. @esmiles05: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo #nhlconferencenames

As a huge TMNT fan this brought a big smile to my face. Maybe the NHL should absorb the KHL and install Shredder and Kang conferences as well. Does this make Brendan Shanahan Splinter?

2. @nhlblinn: Banks, Bombay, Conway, Averman #nhlconferencenames #quack

While we're switching stuff around, can we make the Ducks mighty again?? Step up Disney!

3. @bensigurdson Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin

I liked this one because you can pretty much throw teams in each conference accordingly. No one cares about Hufflepuff so that's where you put the teams you wouldn't mind having just disappear.

4. @tedstarkey NBC Favorites, Canadians and Floridians, Flyovers, and Teams that Air Too Late to Watch.

Well, its true.

5. @frankcbaby Favre, Dunks, Tebow, Lebron #nhlconferencenames... oh wait, sorry was watching sportscenter and had that drilled into my memory

I hate ESPN. Burning jealousy for those of you who have the godsend of TSN. Don't ever take it for granted.

Even our own Bettman's Nightmare got in on the action! Follow him @benjaminwendorf!

While twitter does supply the world with humor aplenty, it is also excellent as a newsfeed and will give you news stories just as fast as any news source. If you don't have a twitter I highly recommend at least trying it out. I tried it and immediately became a twittaholic. Feel free to Come up with your own #nhlconferencenames in the comments!