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Altitude Check: Monday December 5, 2011 Winnipeg Jets Headlines

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Hey all! This is a new daily feature that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets.

Here are your headlines for Monday December 5, 2011:

They are sub .500, but hey, at least they are enjoying themselves. [WFP]

And with happiness comes confidence. [Edmonton Journal]

Possibly the hottest topic since the NHL's return to Winnipeg; The NHL Board of Governors meet today to discuss conference realignment. [Canoe]

"There is a reasonable chance, if all goes well, that NHL realignment will be concluded by day's end." [Bob McKenzie, via Twitter]

Kind words from a former Manitoba Moose who never forgot where his journey started. [Winnipeg Sun]

Matt Eichel breaks down the value of Eric Fehr: "Now, it's time for us to realize that perhaps Eric Fehr may need more time to heal than originally thought. And if it helps him get back to where he was and where he can contribute the most - then that's worth the trade value of Eric Fehr." [Jets Nation]

Evander Kane, so hot right now! [Globe & Mail]

While the Jets are in a playoff hunt, Project Fail For Nail put on hold. Also of concern is a recent injury which will keep Yakupov out for the next few weeks. [The Star]

On the prospect front, Mark Scheifele was invited to World Junior Selection Camp. [London Free Press]

More Scheifele: He hasn't missed a beat since returning to Barrie. The Colts are currently 1 point behind in their division with Jets prospects Mark Scheifele and Ivan Telegin doing most of the heavy lifting. In their twelve November games, the duo combined for 32 points. [OHL]

Finally, please be sure to enter your submissions for the Arctic Ice Hockey Holiday Jets Contest. Lots of great prizes to win and all the benefits go to a great charity! [Arctic Ice]