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The NHL's Most Interesting Name: The 1980s Part II

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Moving on to our second grouping from the 1980s, it looks like whomever emerges from this group will be facing the formidable triumvirate of Rob Ramage, Cleon Daskalakis, and Dwayne Lowdermilk. As frightening as it sounds, I think we're going to see some strong candidates emerge from our second installment.

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The purpose... history is chock full of names that can pique a person's interest, whether it's because it's unintentionally funny to the English sensibility (Petr Pohl), almost regal (Normand Rochefort), or lends itself to entertaining wordplay (Darius Kasparaitis). The criteria for our 'most interesting names' is a bit loose, in that the name can strike you as any one of the above descriptors, or all of them, but ultimately you are going to vote on the name that 'strikes' you the strongest.

The candidates...

  • Theoren Fleury - There was always something about his style of play, the fact that he was on the Flames, and that his first and last names were so close to "Thorn" and "Flurry" or "Fury" that really appealed to me when I was a kid. Also, I was short.
  • Garth Butcher - Talk about an appropriate name, this guy was rough. Had a lot of fights, usually ate a lot of punches. One might forward the suggestion that it might have affected his face. Or maybe he was born this way.
  • Daren Puppa - It's pretty great that they called his glove the "Puppa Scoopa."
  • Ron Tugnutt - Feel bad for him for his name; I feel bad for him because he spent the majority of his career playing with horrendous teams.
  • Jock Callander - It's like the name you would expect for a hockey player in a children's book.
  • Jeff Beukeboom - Love him or hate him, this was a very well-matched name.
  • Mickey Volcan - It's like if you mixed Spock with South Boston.
  • Milan Chalupa - Yum.
  • Peter Loob - Yeah, Hakan Loob is funny, but his brother...

Rock the vote.