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Todd McLellan internalizes our statistical lessons

I was just settling down to watch the Sharks-Kings game tonight and CSN Bay Area started in on the Sharks because they're "29th in the league on the penalty-kill." Now you know and I know that penalty-kill percentage in the early part of the season is basically meaningless, but does anyone else know that?

Well, Todd McLellan does. He told the interviewer: "We've done a lot of analysis...The shots per power-play that we give up, we're in the top 10 in that." He also noted that winning 2 or 3 faceoffs per PK basically guaranteed that you wouldn't get scored on because it's so difficult to enter the zone. That's sort of true. Unfortunately, he also made reference to shot quality and trying to have a high save percentage on the PK. But his initial inclination was right - the Sharks won't have the worst PK% going forward because they just don't give up enough shots on goal.