Waiver Wire: Blake Comeau / Niclas Bergfors

I know the Jets have been on a bit of a roll lately, but that doesn't mean the roster is perfect. There is always room for improvement. According to Bob McKenzie Blake Comeau and Nicklas Bergfors have been waived by the Islanders and Predators respectively.  Both players have some talent and could conceivably slide into Jason Jaffray's roster spot and offer an upgrade.

Blake Comeau

Blake has done nothing this year aside from watching his opponents score, but he tallied 24 goals last season. Of course he did this on a terrible team where he was given way too much ice time, but he could still be an upgrade over Jaffray. He isn't a game breaker or an elite talent, but he did put up solid numbers last year. Worth a look? 

Niclas Bergfors

I know he was already part of the Thrashers organization at one point. I also know his work ethic has been questioned at times. That said, this kid is available for dirt cheap on a two way contract and he has produced. He is young and he has a 20 goal season under his belt. He has also had some decent corsi numbers throughout his career. He might not fit the TNSE mold, but he should be able to help a team somewhere. 

I am not saying we need either of these guys, or that they are can't miss pickups, but they might be worth a look. 

The Jets finally seem to have two lines rolling and scoring goals with Ladd / Antropov / Wellwood and Kane / Little / Wheeler, but that leaves Burmi and Fehr hung out to dry with Jaffray who isn't being trusted with a lot of ice time.

Would one of these guys, who offer a little more offensive flair, upgrade that line? Both players have potential and will be RFA's at the end of the season. If they sign one and they flash potential, it wouldn't be hard to score a couple more years for dirt cheap. 


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