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What the Jets Have to be Thankful For

Well, it's thanksgiving here in the USA, and despite an overtime loss last night to the Capitals, the Jets have a lot to be thankful for. Even though things in the standings aren't so great, there's a lot we can take solace in; there's always a silver lining. So on this November day, let us be thankful for the many things that make the lives of Jets fans a little easier. 

Hockey is Back in Winnipeg: This one is the most important one (obviously besides friends and family) that there is to be thankful for. After a long hiatus and the NHL's failed second experiment in Atlanta, Winnipeggers are thrilled that hockey is back where it belongs in the Great White North. With a sellout crowd every home game, not only does it help out the economy, but it also indicates that hockey in Winnipeg is likely here to stay.  

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The New York Islanders: The Jets are 13th in the conference as of today with 20 points in 21 games, and the Islanders remind us that, hey, things could be worse. A coach who has no faith in his team, a revolving door of goaltenders, and a volatile arena situation that could force them out of Long Island completely is demonstrative of just how far removed this team is from its former glory. Just about the only thing the Islanders have to be thankful for is John Tavares, who leads the team with 8 goals. At the moment, Jets fans can be thankful that at least there's company at the bottom of the cellar. 

Evander Kane: The product of the Vancouver Giants has been the heart and soul of this team, always coming to play and delivering many times when the Jets had their backs against the wall. With 8 goals so far this season and a lot of games and seasons left to play, Jets nation can and will be thankful for this guy for years to come. Here's hoping that he's in it for the long haul. 

The NHL Draft: The bountiful harvest which is the NHL Draft gave the Jets "The Scheifele", and will continue to give this summer. I've said it before: the way this team is gonna make its return to prominence will be stockpiling picks and building through the draft by acquiring forwards and hopefully drafting a franchise goalie. I'll give a look at the top 10 prospects in this year's draft by the end of the week, but for now, comment with whatever else you think that the Winnipeg Jets have to be thankful for.