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New Stats Pages: Fenwick % by Game Score (Alpha version...)

I think this is a sign that Fenwick/Corsi analysis has really taken hold. I've periodically posted Fenwick Tied numbers over the years, but it's only this season that people have started asking for them to be available every morning at It was an incredibly rainy day here yesterday, so I finally found the time to write the code for it. This is the alpha version, so it's running in the old version of the site, and I haven't yet put it into the daily feed, so all you get is the last four seasons, with data for score tied and for up/down 1 and 2 goals, both at home and on the road:

2007 Regular Season

2007 Playoffs

2008 Regular Season

2008 Playoffs

2009 Regular Season

2009 Playoffs

2010 Regular Season

2010 Playoffs

I'm sure this will beget requests for further data categories...All in due time, so please bear with me as I roll this feature out. I'll work the code into the server in the next couple of days, so the 2011-12 season data will be available very soon. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you do find this data useful and feel so inclined, please make a donation to my favorite charity: Education in Need El Salvador. It's a great organization, and the kids, who I attempted to teach English on a trip to Latin America, are awesome!

And here's a primer on Advanced NHL Statistics, including Corsi and Fenwick analysis.

(btw, I already know playoff TOI is wrong...on the list...)