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Jets Noise

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Some weekly links for your reading pleasure.

  • Jets are off to a good start given expectations (Canoe)
  • Early ten game assessment (Globe and Mail)
  • Better ten game assesment (Jets Nation)
  • Former Thrashers coach Craig Ramsay has gotten over the fact the Jets did not want him in Winnipeg. He found work in Florida, that probably had something to do with his change of heart. (Globe and Mail)
  • Ever wonder what Gary Bettman's office looks like? Wonder no more, an obscure blogger got himself an interview with Gary. Gary's office is HUGE, easily bigger than the apartment I lived in for 3 years in NYC. (Berger Blog)
  • Shannabans by the numbers (Sixteen Wins Blog)
  • The 2 Conference 4 Division realignment gets another look - the Penguins are pouty (Yahoo)
  • Halloween TSN power ratings - The big horror has to be Edmonton at 5th. (TSN)