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It Shall Be So Decreed...

Article 1

...from this day forward, whence an Arctic Ice Hockey commenter, they of free will and an electrical device of internet capability, should forward a comment that the noble AIH writers be better served to "watch the game" or "consider shot quality" (or their derivatives), the capable AIH community shall reply "Drink!" and thus drink, be it alcohol (for those members in compliance with the temperance limits of their polities), or a sugary, carbonated sustenance named "soda" or "pop" by the peasantry, or any other potable liquid. It is the opinion of the Baron von Wendorf and Sir TJ Esq. that these phrases, oft repeated, have been rendered useless in their abuse, redundancy, and perversion, and are lacking in veracity, and thus by attaching them to a thirst-quenching activity will confer the only positive result such comments can provide.

Those who do not carry out the wishes of the Baron will be subject to severe punishment: the offender will either suffer 25 lashes of the whip, or must watch no less than two Florida Panthers games in which the Winnipeg Jets do not comprise the opposition.

Signed this 19th of November, 2011,

Baron von Wendorf of Milwaukie

Sir TJ Esq.