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View from the Nosebleeds: Pilot Episode

Captain Ladd shows off his mastery of Knuckle Chess Bouts to Jack Skille.
Captain Ladd shows off his mastery of Knuckle Chess Bouts to Jack Skille.

Hello all you beautiful people out there in internet land and welcome to a bright and exciting new venture undertaken by myself as I have been afforded the pleasure of writing for Arctic Ice Hockey. Starting with this Thursday's tilt against Tavares and Co., I will be providing Gameday Previews, Gamethreads and Post game recaps to get your senses tingling like an electric eel on HGH.

But I am WAY too jacked up about this right now to just wait about this to just sit around and wait 2 days so I'm going to drop some knowledge on you now, as well as some guesses because ultimately I don't know everything.

So hold on to your butts: here goes nothing.

First note: It is being reported by Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press that there will be no supplementary discipline for Jack Skille on his hit on Tobias Enstrom. the way the league sees it you're allowed to ram your shoulder into the head of a defenseless player who doesn't have the puck. I must have missed that section in the rule book.
But I digress.

Evidently Sheriff Shanahan saw that Buff and Laddy had administered enough punishment already. And maybe he's right. Let them settle it in a dignified manner. But that still leaves the issue of Toby being injured on the play, and still no word on when he might be coming back. With Hainsey and Meech already on the shelf it looks like the Jets might be plucking a defender from the farm if Toby isn't good to go so the question becomes: Which one?

Paul Postma definitely jumps to mind first for me, while arguments can be made for Arturs Kulda, Mark Flood and Brett Festerling as well. I know there are a few people eager to get a look at Postma, myself included, and while the circumstances are cruddy I think this might be as good a time as ever.

Final thoughts: Kyle Wellwood continues to impress me not only with his on ice performances, but his off ice demeanor as well. He seems very gracious and polite and I'm liking him more and more as the season goes on.