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Some of you have inquired about charitable donations

Photo of Gabe
Photo of Gabe

Or donations in general, or buying me a beer if I'm ever in your town. I won't turn down a beer, but if you feel like donating, I absolutely do have a favorite charity: Education in Need for El Salvador. The photo above is from when I went down to San Salvador in 2009 and tried valiantly to teach the kids English. (IE - buying them ice cream and kicking a soccer ball around with them...)

Anyways, one of the best guys I've known in my life (he's a Leafs fan, everybody has flaws) helped run the charity for five years and still helps out even though he's 1500 miles away. There's zero administrative costs - fundraising is done through friends and family, and the organization is run by volunteers. So I would be honored if all of those owed beers went in their direction. Email me if you want more information!