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Mark Scheifele's first visit to the NHL...

Let's go to the videotape...

  • Games Played: 7
  • 5v5 TOI per Game: 9:13 (#18 on the team); 5v4 TOI per Game: 1:11 (13th on the team)
  • Offensive Zone Start %: 75% (#2 on the team behind Tim Stapleton)
  • Corsi Rel Quality of Competition: 19th (14th by raw Corsi)
  • Faceoff winning percentage: a Cogliano-esque 35.3%

Scheifele was completely over-matched in his brief time in the league. Whatever the coaching staff thought of him during camp, they weren't going to give him anything tougher than 4th-line minutes. And that's the key here: the value of a player playing 4th line minutes against soft competition is basically zero. An 18-year-old player with no value to his team who can be sent back to junior absolutely should be - the Jets made the right decision.