Stars spout conventional wisdom


20th in the league in shots allowed at 5-on-5; 28th in shots for; and riding a performance high from a goaltender who couldn't hack Atlanta's roster. This is probably the worst Dallas team in years, and yet: Nieuwendyck: "I think the biggest difference is what you're seeing out there. A group of guys that enjoy being around each other and playing hard for each other." Richards: "This is the closest locker room I've ever been part of. It's fun." Morrow: "Guys love being together." Nieuwendyck: "funny things happen when you get this in place, where guys play hard for each other. You don't have to have the most talented team or the highest-priced team. There's a belief that's grown over the course of the year." Marc Crawford: "Our team gained a lot of confidence with the wins. And the biggest factor in those wins was Kari's goaltending. It allows you to build some confidence." Nieuwendyck: "I tell you, I look around the league, I'll put our group of seven D-men up against a lot of teams'. They're a hard-working group with different elements."

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