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World Cup: Spain vs Germany Passing Stats

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More analysis later - I wanted to get the passing table up as quickly as possible. This table is from Spain's perspective - they controlled 64% of passing and 70% of territory when the game was tied:

Score Minutes Pass F
Weighted Pass A
Weighted % Passes % Weighted
0-0 73.6 653 150 367 65 64 69.9
1-0 20.8 199 48 494 106 28.7 31.2

Spain continued doing what it has done all along: dominate ball possession. We wanted to like the Germans because they scored so quickly, but in the long-run, scoring is a function of owning the ball, and the Germans did not do that to the same extent as the Spaniards. In the short-run, you can get some "lucky" bounces (Uruguay) or ridiculous shots (Uruguay, again), or just take more advantage of your opportunities than your opponent does (Germany).

In case you were wondering, you can see how often corner kicks result in a goal.

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