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Flyers moves leave me scratching my head to the point of baldness

I don't understand how the same team that signs Sean O'Donnell for $1M and Daniel Carcillo for $1.075M can be the same team that takes on the following contracts:

Jody Shelley: 3 years, $3.3M

Michael Leighton: 2 years, $3.1M

Andrej Meszaros: 4 years, $18.25M

Matt Walker: 3 years, $5.525M

Simon Gagne has one year left on his deal.  He's an injury risk, but he could also turn in a very valuable season to whoever was willing to take the risk.  There's no reason for Philly to take on Tampa's 6th D and his overpriced contract to move Gagne.

With those underperforming contracts, the Flyers essentially put themselves in the hole in the neighborhood of $5M in 2010-11.  They could have bought 2+ wins on the free agent market with that money.  Why they chose to throw it down a sinkhole is beyond me.