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World Cup: Uruguay vs Germany Passing Stats

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Uruguay played a better game against the Germans than we're used to seeing - they actually controlled over 40% of ball possession, compared to barely 30% when they were tied with the Dutch. Germany did a lot better - they too controlled barely 30% of the play against Spain. Let's look at the passing stats by score:

Germany Minutes Pass F Weighted Pass A Weighted % Passes % Weighted
Down 1 5.0 358 96 393 78 48 55
Tied 68.2 400 91 311 67 56 58
Up 1 20.8 394 81 286 66 58 55
Total 94.0 414 93 324 70 56 57

Make no mistake: no matter how you look at it, Germany dominated this game. It didn't matter whether they were up or down - they didn't change their style of play. They controlled the ball and controlled territory. The Uruguayans had a better chance of beating them than they did the Dutch, but not by much. It's not clear to me that either of these teams were among the top four in the tournament - Argentina and Brazil certainly played better much of the time - but sometimes weaker teams get the breaks.