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Team Corsi +/- vs Other Divisions since the Lockout

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These charts show team shot +/-, even-strength, with the score tied against teams in every division but their own.  First, the East:


team shot delta team shot delta team shot delta
nj   223 bos  134 atl  -398
nyi  -281 buf  -60 car  34
nyr  344 mon  -266 tb   -294
phi  7 ott  200 fla  -192
pit  -174 tor  65 was  110


And the west:


team shot delta team shot delta team shot delta
chi  430 cgy  -52 ana  148
cls  -32 col  -471 dal  46
det  1018 edm  -525 la   21
nsh  91 min  -419 pho  -150
stl  -55 van  -26 sj   524


Now keep in mind that we've got an unbalanced schedule, so the eastern teams tend to play weaker teams overall, while the NW, in particular, plays an awful lot of games against the three best teams in the league. 

What's amazing, too, is that Columbus is actually not a bad team - but they've played so many games against Nashville and Detroit and then later against Chicago that they don't look very good.  If any team should ask for a transfer to the eastern conference, well, it's the western conference's easternmost team.