Fascism breeds World Cup wins??


I'm going to have to disagree on this one. What breeds world cup wins is playing close to home (or to your home time zone). When the World Cup is held in the Americas, a team from the Americas has won. When it's held in Europe, a European team has won. The lone exceptions are 1958 - when Brazil defeated Sweden in Sweden - and 2002, when the Koreans hosted the cup and finished 4th. Like the Olympics, host countries have frequently done much better than expected given their performance in preceding or following cups - Chile in 1962, and the aforementioned Swedish and Korean teams, for example. Some of that is familiarity. Some of that is additional investment in the sport in the years leading up to the cup. Some of it is additional interest among potential athletes. And some of it is hometown refereeing. Doesn't matter - it has nothing to do with fascism.