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New Schedule

It's crazy to think that I only started writing this blog 217 days ago.  At some point, I decided that I was going to produce content five days a week, which, as you can imagine, is a ridiculous amount of work.  But it was also very valuable to think through a lot of things - goaltending, luck, score effects, scoring chances, home and road corsi - you name it.  And the commenters who've contributed their thoughts have been extremely helpful in improving my understanding of the game.  Also, Avs fans who refused to to accept that their team sucked aside from Craig Anderson were very helpful because they forced me to explain my thinking in very clear terms using very simple words;

At any rate, I'm going to dial back the production going forward.  This blog has been very addictive, so I'm sure I'll be compelled to generate frequent commentary.  But I have a bunch of other projects that I need to focus on, so it would be pretty difficult to generate new content every day on top of all that.

In the interim, please consider this an open thread: feel free to post any statistical questions you have.  And if you are interested in contributing to Behind the Net, we are looking for writers - SBN will even pay you slave wages to do it.  On top of that, we're also looking for people to record scoring chances next year for all the unpopular teams (ie - every team in the US, plus the Canucks.)  Yes, you read that right: SBN will pay you to watch hockey.  Email me if you're interested...