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The comedy stylings of your San Francisco Giants...

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I kid you not:

"the Giants have had internal discussions about some significant changes as a way to ensure they keep their best bats in the lineup as they try to escape their horrific offensive slump. They have not scored in 20 innings...until left fielder Mark DeRosa returns: Freddy Sanchez would move to third base, allowing Juan Uribe to play second now that shortstop Edgar Renteria is back...Pablo Sandoval would shift from third base to first base, and Aubrey Huff would move to left field. Andres Torres will play right, leaving John Bowker and Nate Schierholtz on the bench."

For those of you keeping score at home:

LF Aubrey Huff hasn't played the outfield in four seasons

3B Freddy Sanchez hasn't played third base in four seasons

Playing your 30+ fielders out-of-position is not the way to start scoring more runs - but it is a good way to allow more runs.  You know, you can make jokes about shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic, but it's not often that somebody indulges you by actually shuffling the deck chairs.  It's not surprising that it was the Giants who shuffled them.