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Canadians, Americans and Europeans in the NHL

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Following on my previous post on Canadian goaltenders in the NHL, this plot shows the change in the number of skaters and goaltenders from their peak during the NHL/WHA era.  Were it not for the WHA talent dilution, we'd have a roughly flat curve through the 1970s.  Skaters are flat, while the decline in Canadian goaltenders looks to be a post-1993 trend:


Here are the same trends among Americans - they hit their goalie peak in the early-to-mid 1990s and haven't developed proportionally more goaltenders.  That's a different trend from skaters, where the USHL has dramatically increased the number of US-born players in the NHL in the last decade:


It's well-known that European skaters hit their peak about a decade ago - but the number of goaltenders has continued to increase:


So we have only two groups that have dropped from their post-WHA peaks - European skaters and Canadian goaltenders.