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Why did the Habs beat the Pens?

I ask because I'm interested in knowing what people think - living in San Francisco, people would rather watch the 7th inning of a game where the Giants are down 10-0 than talk hockey. 

I also ask because I'm somewhat tapped out in terms of observable explanations.  Obviously the Habs didn't dominate possession or shots or scoring chances, but they also didn't dominate shot/chance quality or screens or rushes or power plays or forechecking or tight defensive coverage.

I also don't really have intangible explanations either - Halak played well, but not as well as he did against the Caps...And we already know Marc-Andre Fleury is a "big-game goalie", right?  I can't see why Malkin missed all those breakaways - any more than it made sense that Joe Sakic was horrible in the shootout.

I think we have a good understanding of how teams win over the course of 82 games...But over the course of one game?  It's a bigger mystery...So testable theories are very much appreciated...