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Five-Most Lopsided Series by Fenwick, 2005-10

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I wanted to draw your attention to one minor point here.  The reason why we focus on Fenwick and Corsi with the score tied is pretty obvious when you consider which team, in particular, dominates in this area:


Season Winner Loser SF SA Fenwick% Round Outcome
2008 Det Col 42 14 75.0 2 4-0
2008 Det Pit 135 77 63.7 Cup 4-2
2010 Sj Col 204 124 62.2 1 4-2
2009 Det Cls 74 45 62.2 1 4-0
2007 Det Cgy 135 83 61.9 1 4-2


Four of the five-most lopsided series on shots were won by the 2007-09 Detroit Red Wings, who barely lost a playoff game to a team that didn't win the Stanley Cup.  We can go around in circles, but dominating the shots was Detroit's secret - definitely not a top-flight goaltender.

I've left the #2 series out of this list, btw...It was the recent Pittsburgh-Montreal series...