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A Quick Programming Note

I seem to be getting a lot more comments these days from people who want to tell me that statistics in hockey are all bullshit.  That I'm over-analyzing the game.  That all the matters is the final score.  That perceived psychological fragility is more important than dominating the other team on the shot charts.

And I have to ask: do you really think you're right and NHL teams are wrong?  Yes, this is an appeal to authority, but Corsi numbers come from inside the Buffalo Sabres organization, where a bunch of guys believe in what they're doing and put their careers on the line for it.  I'm sure they call them something different inside the organization, but things have a way of taking on a life of their own on the internet.  I encourage you to read over Vic Ferrari's blog -  You can ignore the stats if you want, but pay attention to the pieces on Darcy Regier, Ron Wilson and Roger Nielson and their diligence in recording statistics. 

The ideas you see here and at the more analytical Flames and Oilers blogs and a few other scattered places around the internet did not (for the most part) come out of the head of some blogger playing with a race car track in his mom's basement.  They leaked out of NHL organizations over time and random bloggers ran the numbers and realized how valuable these ideas were.

So if you think that NHL teams shouldn't be breaking down tape and recording scoring chances - like all 30 teams do - then don't rag on Scott Reynolds because he watched every Avs game in slo-mo (poor guy).  Put your money where your mouth is and say NHL teams are full of shit, wasting their time in the video room, and should focus on chemistry, psychology and playoff curses.

Again, I'll ask: do you really think you're right and NHL teams are wrong?