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Playoff Previews

I know somebody out there was saying that this is a "San Jose Sharks blog" - it disappears in the playoffs - but that's absolutely not true.  However, the herculean effort involved in writing playoff previews for teams that are going to get eliminated in four straight games proved too much for me.

So I have joined with illustrious bloggers Tyler Dellow, Sunny Mehta and Olivier Bouchard so that we can bring you playoff previews for all eight opening round series, and, if we don't get disillusioned, the remaining seven series.  Half of the previews will be posted over here and half at Tyler's site.  Everything's still in progress, but I will add links to this post as we finish them.

Sunny Mehta: NJ in 7 - New Jersey - Philadelphia

Olivier Bouchard: Habs in 6 - Washington - Montreal

Me: Detroit in 6 - Detroit - Phoenix

Me: San Jose in 5 - San Jose - Colorado

Tyler: Chicago - Nashville

Tyler: LA - Vancouver

Olivier: Boston - Buffalo

Sunny: Pittsburgh - Ottawa