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Bruins score three short-handed goals in one shift

This is pretty amazing (see video), and really unprecedented.  In the last decade, a team has scored three short-handed goals in a game just nine times:


Date For Against Time
1/14/2003 STL PHX 904
12/27/2003 TAM BOS 1090
12/26/2005 COL PHX 2945
2/2/2006 OTT PIT 1352
4/7/2006 CAR WAS 1017
1/22/2008 NYI CAR 1047
4/3/2008 OTT TOR 1028
11/25/2009 CHI SJ 460
4/10/2010 BOS CAR 64


Boston also scored two short-handed goals in 15 seconds, which is the fastest pair of shorties in the last decade too.