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Leighton vs Boucher: why is that 'bad'?

From the ESPN trade rumors, on the subject of Philadelphia acquiring Tim Thomas:

"The Flyers lost Ray Emery to a potentially career-threatening injury and, now, they're without Michael Leighton for the season. So it's Brian Boucher all the way. That's bad."

Really?  Is Michael Leighton *that* much better than Brian Boucher?


Leighton SH SV SV%
Pre-Lockout 1228 1108 902
Post-Lockout 1586 1430 902
Boucher SH SV SV%
Pre-Lockout 4766 4293 901
Post-Lockout 2017 1807 896


Let's assume that their respective save percentages since the lockout are accurate reflections of their true talent.  Then the difference between them is one goal every five games or so, or approximately one win every 30.  The difference in skill between the two goalies is so small that it will be swamped by luck, and Boucher could very well rattle off a .917 save percentage like he did last year.  Let's not overstate the difference between two below-average goaltenders.