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Odds of Canada winning the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal

I suppose I could have titled this "Odds of Team USA winning the Gold Medal," but you gotta make up your mind one way or the other.  I hunted around a bit for today's lines on the Gold Medal game.  Canada is favored anywhere from 65-69% over the US, unchanged since the 22nd of February.  As I've noted before, I think these odds are optimistic - the bookies are trying to limit their downside by discouraging overly-emotional Canadian fans from laying too much money on Canada.  So I assume Canada should be a 60% favorite to win the gold.

In the less exciting Bronze Medal game tonight, Finland is a 57% favorite over Slovakia.  Both Finland and Slovakia were highly-underrated after the round-robin, but Slovakia was actually a slight (say 51%) favorite over the Finns earlier in the week.