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Well, that was Disappointing...

Down the bulk of the game, Canada outshot and outchanced the US by a factor of 2. Bad bounces, bad penalties and Martin Brodeur's crazy baseball swing made a Canadian win that much less likely.

Here are the shot totals:

Team Shots Goals Close Goals
USA 31 5 17 3
CAN 63 3 34 3

Again, "close" shots are from below the top of the face-off circles and between the face-off dots. Canada obviously owned the chances in the 1st and 3rd periods, but they were also playing from behind, so we would expect them to get more chances. The second period, which was mostly played tied, was much closer. The time spent tied and behind:

Tied -1 -2
TOI/Score 14.3 35.3 9.7

Both teams had trouble winning face-offs in their own end, likely when they were killing penalties:

Canada Def Off
W 5 17
L 11 8

Overall, Canada skaters played better than the US. But Ryan Miller had a great game, and Martin Brodeur...Well, I don't know what the hell he was doing back there. Did you ever have a coach who'd tell you to "go for a skate?" He wasn't talking to the goalie.

Some other random notes:

- Dustin Brown put a nice move on teammate Drew Doughty

- He wasn't the only one - Patrick Kane beat Doughty a couple of times, once cutting across from the right wing to go at Doughty on the left wing

- Joe Thornton looks invisible to me aside from winning a few pucks on the boards.

- I don't watch a lot of games in the Eastern time zone (they're over before I get home from work), so I don't get to see Sidney Crosby and Rick Nash very often. I have developed a new appreciation for their skills!