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Group A, Game 3: Russia-Latvia

I thought I might be able to hack the Olympic stats so that I could effectively see who was on the ice at any given time. Unfortunately, the icetime stats get updated irregularly - on average, every 40 seconds, but sometimes not for several minutes. So I can't really see head-to-head ice time or figure out Corsi...But, for what it's worth, I can figure out what lines each team is rolling. First, Russia:

Malkin Afinogenov Kovalchuk Tyutin Gonchar
Fedorov Radulov Kozlov Volchenkov Kalinin
Ovechkin Datsyuk Semin Korneyev Grebeshkov
Zaripov Zinovyev Morozov Nikulin Markov

And Latvia:

Daugavins Berzins Meija Bartulis Sotnieks
Vasiljevs Nizivijs Cipulis Rekis Pujacs
Darzins Redlihs Sirokovs Lavins Galvins
Sprukts Karsums Ankipans Skrastins Redlihs

Latvia's been killing a lot of penalties, so their lines are a bit mixed up - Skrastins has been running the PK with several different lines. And the Russian lines may reflect the PP more than their even-strength units.

Even without perfectly granular data, I can see some of the line matchups. For example:

Malkin Darzins
Afinogenov Redlihs
Kovalchuk Sirokovs
Tyutin Lavins
Gonchar Galvins


Ovechkin Daugavins
Datsyuk Berzins
Semin Meija
Korneyev Bartulis
Grebeshkov Sotnieks

This isn't the most interesting analysis for Latvia-Russia - we don't really know enough about the Latvians to care who's getting which matchups. But we will be able to see this detail for future games.