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Welcome 'Bettman's Nightmare'

Before there was Colin Campbell's Nightmare, there was Bettman's Nightmare.  Bettman (aka Ben Wendorf) comes from one of the few inhabited places in the world that's colder and more remote than Winnipeg, where I grew up.  He's been a prolific contributor to this blog, and when Victor Kiam decided he wanted to sell his shares in Behind the Net, Ben jumped at the opportunity to buy the company.

My advice to Ben was roughly what Tom Cruise's father told him in Risky Business:

"As far as the house is concerned, just use your best judgment."


"You're not to use my car.  You're not insured for it.  Use the station wagon."

I think the metaphor is apt: after I wrote roughly 900 million nuts and bolts articles about the basis of hockey analysis, Ben is going to help you understand what it all means.  This may take him down the road of analyzing 'ice girls', or in the case of San Jose, that dude with the mullet who still slips around in sneakers when he shovels the crease during a stoppage.  Whatever he writes about, he will bring the wood-paneled station wagon of sanity to a disordered hockey world.

So please give Ben a warm welcome and feel free to let him know what topics you want to hear about.  If anyone's been wanting to understand advanced hockey stats without having to learn the Greek alphabet, this is as good a time as any to get started.