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Help Wanted: Advanced Scoring of Friday's Detroit/Chicago Game

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I am looking for somebody to score Friday's Detroit-Chicago game.  I would like every touch recorded along with its location in a spreadsheet - something like this:

Time: 3:45, 1st, Turco, Stop Puck, -100, 0 [Turco stops a dumped-in puck behind the net]

Time: 3:46, 1st, Keith, Pick up Puck, -100, 0

Time: 3:48, 1st, Keith, End Carry Puck, -90, -20

Time: 3:48, 1st, Keith, Pass along boards, -90, -20, -60, -40, Complete, Along Ice [Keith makes a breakout pass]

Time: 3:49, 1st, Hossa, Receive pass, -60, -40

Time: 3:49, 1st, Hossa, Carry Puck, -60, -40

Time: 3:50, 1st, Hossa, End Carry Puck, -30, -35

Time: 3:50, 1st, Hossa, Pass, -30, -35, 0, 0, Complete, Along Ice [Hossa passes to Toews]

I will paypal you a not insignificant sum of money for this work.  I don't know how long it will take, so we'll take a look at the database after you've finished one period and see if we need to go further.

The game is on NHL network.  You'll need your own DVR, etc...Let me know if you're interested - feel free to send me a sentence or two describing your experience tracking slo-motion hockey!