What is it with Avs fans?


You'd think every Avs fan was Brandon Yip's mom. No explanation for their position in the standings last season is accepted other than one involving heart, grit, determination, young guys gelling and sticks being held sufficiently loosely. So when I suggested that they owed it to great goaltending and a run of good luck, it didn't go over well. No matter that I used an Avs scoring chances database collected by the inimitable Scott Reynolds. I particularly liked this gem from an Avs fan about my writing: "There are teams that tend to get more positive analysis (or at least presentation of that analysis) than others in the NHL." Ok, I defy you: name a team that got positive spin on its analysis here? Detroit? Chicago? Both good teams, and we'd expect the analysis to turn out well for them. Vancouver this season? Ok, but they're a good team too. Who else? Am I being called a Blue Jackets partisan?