Hack of the Day: John Shea, SF Chronicle


Hello, my name is John Shea, and I am an apologist for Brian Sabean. First, I'll let him off the hook for signing Barry Zito to one of the worst contracts in baseball: "the Giants are heading to the playoffs for the first time in seven years with a roster, aside from Barry Zito (ownership's call), that was built with Sabean's own two hands." And while, I'm at it, I'll tie myself in knots to justify a move that could have cost the Giants the season: "Don't forget Posey, whom Sabean kept in the minors the first two months of the season, a move that worked out perfectly. The catcher honed his defensive skills and game-calling, and arrived in the lineup in time to lead the second-half charge and cement his Rookie of the Year candidacy." Ah yes, Buster Posey's defensive skills were developed in two months in the minors. Good thing that playing a crappier player - Bengie Molina - ahead of Posey didn't cost them the one extra win that put them into the playoffs. I liked this part the best: "The amount of credit he's due for this season never will match the amount of venom spewed his way in the recent past, a result of a six-year playoff drought, inadequate offenses, [and various bad trades and contracts]..."Quite frankly, I've got to thank (ex-owner) Peter Magowan and even Bill Neukom for keeping me around for two tours of duty. A lot of organizations wouldn't have allowed us to soldier on and have some continuity. They believed in what we were doing and were proven right."" Think about that - it barely takes six years to turn an expansion team into a World Series winner. Brian Sabean took a great team and turned it into a loser for six years - what exactly was he doing?