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Wayne Gretzky's real Goal-Scoring record

What's wrong with this picture?

"Will anyone surpass Wayne Gretzky's 894 career goals? Hradek and Melrose debate which records will (and won't) stand the test of time."

No, it's not that I'm an idiot for looking at ESPN's front page.  The issue is that Gretzky didn't just score 894 goals in his career:

  • NHL Regular Season Goals = 894
  • WHA Regular Season Goal = 46
  • NHL Playoff Goals = 122
  • WHA Playoff Goals = 10
  • Canada Cup Goals = 17
  • World Cup Goals = 3

That looks like 1092 professional goals to me.  Gordie Howe has 1074.  Let's get the record straight before we argue about whether people might break it.