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Longest Winless Streaks in NHL History

With Carolina's loss tonight against the Islanders, they have not won in 14 consecutive games. This is unheard of in the post-lockout era - with the advent of the shootout, if the worst team in the league manages to drag the game past overtime, they've got a nearly 50/50 shot of recording a win. In the old days, there was no honor in winning 3-2 on penalty shots; your .250 team took your tie like a man and added to your winless streak.

Here are the worst winless streaks since WWII:

Year Team Streak Record
1975-76 Kansas City 30 0-24-6
1980-81 Winnipeg 30 0-24-6
1975-76 Washington 25 0-22-3
1992-93 Ottawa 24 0-23-1
1950-51 Chicago 21 0-18-3
1992-93 San Jose 20 0-19-1
1961-62 Boston 20 0-16-4
1969-70 Minnesota 20 0-15-5
1977-78 Washington 20 0-15-5

The longest stretch since the lockout without a win in regulation or OT belongs to the 2006-07 Edmonton Oilers. Over the course of 20 games, they recorded just two wins, both in the shootout. Even with those shootout wins, they still lost 18 out of 19 games during the streak. The odds of any team approaching a 20-game winless streak is almost zero at this point.