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League Leaders: Wraparounds

What can you say about wraparounds? You just don't see them very often anymore. As a distinct type of shot, they're by far the least common of those tracked by the NHL. And, as it turns out, they're not a particularly high-percentage play:

Total 3673 197 5.3 407 35 8.4
Home 1905 108 5.7 228 18 7.9
Away 1768 89 5.0 179 16 8.9

So who leads the league in these low-percentage shots? Again, there's somewhat of a bias at some rinks, so let's look at wraparounds on the road since the lockout:

Wraparounds Goals
Ryan Smyth 31 2
Eric Staal 25 4
Richard Zednik 23 0
Jason Blake 22 1
Rick Nash 22 1
Tim Taylor 21 0
Brett McLean 21 1
Thomas Vanek 20 0
Michal Handzus 19 1
Marian Hossa 18 0

Smyth is again the league leader, but he hasn't been particularly effective. If we include wraparounds credited to him by his home scorer and his itchy trigger finger, Smyth is just 5-for-89 (5.6%) since the lockout. Zednik is 0-for-40. Bottom line: the wraparound was a cute move in 1980; now everybody knows it's coming.