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Behind the Net stats are on the air

Does anybody remember the old "SCTV is on the air"? Anyways, with the start of the NHL season, Behind the Net stats are back up and running. Some examples of what you can do with Behind the Net after the jump...

Team Stats show the amount of time spent at each strength during the seasons, along with +/- and save percentage for and against.

2007: 2007 Team Data

2008: 2008 Team Data

2009: 2009 Team Data

Individual Player Stats are divided into three categories: 5v5, 5v4 and 4v5. Why only these three strengths? Because they're by far the most common, accounting for 99% of all regulation play last season.

The basic reports, which show Quality of Competition, Quality of Teammates, +/- Relative to Team and TOI are:

5v5: 2008 5v5 Data or 2009 Team Data

5v4: 2008 5v4 Data or 2009 5v4 Data

4v5: 2008 4v5 Data or 2009 4v5 Data

These reports can be expanded into four sections:

Quality of Competition detail: 2008 Qual Comp

Scoring and +/-: 2008 Scoring

Corsi Numbers: 2008 Corsi

Penalties Drawn and Taken: 2008 Penalties

There are additional reports for Blocks: 2008 Blocked Shots and Individual Shooting: 2008 Individual Shooting, which shows detail of Slap Shots, Snap Shots and Wrist Shots for every player.

There's also a shooting report that shows the breakdown of rebound for individual shooters and their performance relative to their expected shooting percentage: 2008 Individual Shooting and Rebounds

And, last, but not least, there is a goaltender shot quality database for 5v5 play:

Goaltender Shot Quality

That's all for the moment. If there's anything else you think should be on the site, please post a comment!