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Russian KHL League Equivalency to date

The 2008-09 KHL season is about 14 games in, and we can take our first stab at producing a league equivalency. There are 23 skaters in the KHL who played at least 20 games in the NHL last year. Their cumulative stats:
NHL 2007-08 1191 131 228 25
KHL 2008-09 260 54 76 41
That would give a league equivalency of 25/41 ~ 0.60. However, the KHL has much lower scoring and a lower assist-per-goal rate than the NHL, so we need to adjust this figure by the overall PPG scoring rates of the two leagues = 0.41 (NHL) / 0.36 (KHL). This gives a league equivalency of 0.70, which is somewhat lower than Russian leagues have had in the past, albeit with much larger numbers of players and games played in the sample.