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Stats Database for 2007-08: what else should we add to it?

Behindthenet's 2007-08 statistics database is just about completely up-and-running. Here's what we've got:

1. Team Statistics [new for 2007-08]
2. Player Statistics, 5-on-5
3. Game Logs for Players, 5-on-5 [new for 2007-08]
4. Player Statistics, 5-on-4 and 4-on-5
5. Goaltender Statistics, 5-on-5, 5-on-4 and 4-on-5

Most things are sortable, and pretty much everything is updated at 5 AM ET every day. We maintain a database of every NHL player and add new players as soon as they'e played their first NHL game.

It's a lot of data, that's for sure. We'd love to get your comments, questions and concerns about the site - on everything from the stats to what's confusing. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for different topics we could apply statistical analysis to.