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Behindthenet big among stats junkies...

Rand Simon thinks so:

"PLAYING AGAINST THE BEST If you are a stats junkie like me, I suggest you check out the website Behind the Net.

My favorite stat there is the "Quality of Competition" which does a great job of showing which players are used against the other teams' top skaters.

According to the website, the player who faced the toughest competition last year was New Jersey's John Madden. So far this season's top three (minimum 10 games played) are Anahein's Samuel Pahlsson, Ottawa's Anton Volchenkov and Florida's Olli Jokinen. At the bottom, facing the weakest competition so far, are enforcers Andrew Peters (Buffalo), Aaron Downey (Montreal) and Eric Goddard (Calgary).

Rand Simon is an NHLPA certified agent. He has spent the past 14 years with Newport Sports Management Inc."