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PP Stats this time

More from James Mirtle: (thanks for the link, btw!) (That's really from the Globe and Mail, but the url is too long)

A commenter points out that while Ryder, Koivu, Higgins, Souray and Streit have been good on the PP, they've been absolutely completely horrendous at even strength:

Koivu: +29/-53
Ryder: +25/-47
Higgins: +23/-41
Souray: +32/-56
Streit: +23/-33

Now I know Souray is Don Cherry's favorite player, but he sure looks like a stinker on this line. These guys were mostly minuses in similar roles on a 2005-06 Canadiens team that had a better GF/GA rate. So what's the deal? Do they just not play defense? Are they dominant on the PP (22.4% success rate) just because they're behind all the time?