Winnipeg Jets Prospect Tracker - October Edition: Part 1

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Arctic Ice Hockey tracks the progress of Winnipeg Jets' prospects playing in the CHL.

As the lockout persists, mainstream media begins to ask how many games fans will have to miss. Meanwhile, we continue to increase our coverage of the Winnipeg Jets' CHL prospects.

Let's take a look at Mark Scheifele, Adam Lowry, Scott Kosmachuk, Lukas Sutter, Austen Brassard, Ryan Olsen and Zach Yuen's schedule for the first half of October:

Regular Season League Away Home Player
Wed Oct 3 WHL Red Deer 5 Saskatoon 3 Sutter 0P
Wed Oct 3 WHL Vancouver 0 Kelowna 7 Olsen 0P
Wed Oct 3 WHL Tri-City 2 Everett 0 Yuen 0P
Thu Oct 4 OHL Guelph 5 Winsor 0 Kosmachuk 1G 2A
Fri Oct 5 OHL Barrie 4 Mississauga 3 Scheifele 2A + SO winner
Fri Oct 5 OHL Plymouth 5 Guelph 4 Kosmachuk 0P
Fri Oct 5 WHL Swift Current 10 Saskatoon 1 Lowry 2G 2A / Sutter 0P
Fri Oct 5 WHL Kelowna 3 Prince George 6 Olsen 2G
Fri Oct 5 WHL Lethbridge 1 Tri-City 4 Yuen 0P
Sat Oct 6 OHL Ottawa 3 Belleville 5 Brassard 0P
Sat Oct 6 OHL Peterborough 3 Barrie 4 Scheifele 1G
Sat Oct 6 OHL Guelph 3 Owen Sound 4 Kosmachuk 2G
Sat Oct 6 WHL Saskatoon 1 Edmonton 4 Sutter 0P
Sat Oct 6 WHL Regina 2 Swift Current 1 Lowry 1A
Sat Oct 6 WHL Kelowna 7 Prince George 5 Olsen 1A
Sat Oct 6 WHL Victoria 4(SO) Tri-City 3 Yuen 1A
Sun Oct 7 WHL Tri-City 5 Everett 3 Yuen 1G
Mon Oct 8 OHL Belleville 3 Oshawa 4(OT) Brassard 1G
Tues Oct 9 WHL Red Deer 3 Swift Current 2 Lowry 0P
Wed Oct 10 OHL Brampton 1 Belleville 2(SO) Brassard 0P
Wed Oct 10 WHL Portland 4 Saskatoon 0 Sutter 0P
Wed Oct 10 WHL Spokane 6 Kelowna 4 Olsen 2G
Thu Oct 11 OHL Saginaw 5 Barrie 8 Scheifele 1A
Fri Oct 12 OHL Barrie 4 Oshawa 3(SO) Scheifele 1A
Fri Oct 12 OHL Errie 6 Guelph 3 Kosmachuk 1G 1A
Fri Oct 12 OHL Belleville 2 Brampton 0 Brassard 0P
Fri Oct 12 WHL Saskatoon 3 Kootenay 4 Sutter 0P
Fri Oct 12 WHL Swift Current 3 Regina 2 Lowry 2A
Fri Oct 12 WHL Kelowna 4 Victoria 1 Olsen 1A
Sat Oct 13 OHL Oshawa 1 Belleville 4 Brassard 1G
Sat Oct 13 OHL Sudbury 1 Barrie 2 Scheifele 0P
Sat Oct 13 WHL Tri-City 4 Brandon 3 Yuen 0P
Sat Oct 13 WHL Portland 6 Swift Current 3 Lowry 2G 1A
Sat Oct 13 WHL Saskatoon 5 Lethbridge 2 Sutter 0P
Sat Oct 13 WHL Kelowna 2 Victoria 3 Olsen 0P
Sun Oct 14 OHL Peterborough 6 Guelph 7(OT) Kosmachuk 1G 2A
Sun Oct 14 WHL Saskatoon 6 Medicine Hat 3 Sutter 0P
Mon Oct 14 WHL Tri-City 5 Moose Jaw 0 Yuen 1A

We've decided to keep it to two weeks for previews to keep from the overwhelming 74 game schedule of 7 teams in one month.

Season Totals
Name Team GP G A PTS +/- PIM
Mark Schiefele Barrie (OHL) 10 4 9 13 +5 9
Adam Lowry Swift Curent (WHL) 10 7 7 14 +4 10
Scott Kosmachuk Guelph (OHL) 9 7 6 13 +1 12
Ryan Olsen Kelowna (WHL) 10 5 3 8 +4 21
Austen Brassard Belleville (OHL) 9 4 0 4 -4 7
Lukas Sutter Saskatooon (WHL) 11 1 1 2 -8 30
Zach Yuen Tri-City (WHL) 10 1 3 4 +0 12

Interestingly enough -- even with a small sample size -- the scoring order at the start of October was similar to Truck's and my own expectations for the season's end. Keep an eye out for our weekly reviews for more detailed summary on the season's progression.

Which Jets prospect will put up the most CHL penalty minutes this year? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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