Winnipeg Jets vs. Los Angeles Kings Gameday Questionnaire: The party boy edition

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We catch up with our pals at Battle of California, asking them three burning questions leading into tonight's contest.

The Winnipeg Jets look to build off their early season success tonight in their home-opener against the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings are coming off a season in which they fell just short of yet another Stanley Cup Final berth, losing to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Final.

As part of our gameday coverage, we had a few questions relating to the Kings before puck-drop later today. With that, here are our pal Ryan Dunn from Battle of California in today's instalment of Gameday Questionnaire:

Coming off a Stanley Cup Championship in 2012 and a Western Conference Finals appearance in 2013, what do fans expect from the Kings this upcoming season?

The team is relatively the same from 2012, and seeing how they made it to the Conference Finals last year, expectations are still high. Getting revenge on the Sharks for 2011 was a nice treat last post-season, and hopefully crapping all over an in-state rival occurs again this year. Because that's what the Battle of California is all about, Charlie Brown.

With Jonathan Bernier being replaced by Ben Scrivens, how many games should we expect Jonathan Quick to start this season?

If Darryl Sutter has his way, I expect to see Quick start about 70 games. I don't think that is a stretch in the slightest given Sutter's tendencies back in Calgary. Scrivens...I've never really seen him play. He seems like he could handle a backup gig just fine. I mean, c'mon he survived a backup gig in Toronto. The Kings' defense isn't the best in the league despite what a few may think. They still use Robyn Regehr, for Christ's sake. But it's still better than playing behind Dion Pheanuf. I'd prefer to see Scrivens get 20-25 or so starts. If he screws up once, I expect to see him only 10-15 times.

What do you envision being a typical party for Jeff Carter and Mike Richards?

I don't know if that's possible. I went to the party capital of the United States' college system, Ithaca, New York, and I can't even begin to imagine what the hell those two do. I still think even a normal get together with those two is something akin to "Weekend at Bernie's". Except they're the ones who probably killed Bernie. I'm just kidding around though. The two of them probably just have a few close friends over and enjoy a beer or two. Plus shitloads of cocaine and hookers while making Matt Frattin chug a gallon of milk and absinthe as an initiation rite.

Ed. Note: We thank Ryan for his time in this edition of Gameday Questionnaire. Look for our next edition Sunday with our pals at Anaheim Calling.

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