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Drummond + McCurdy = Celeb-manteau

Part shorthand and part halfassed pun, the portmanteau is an economical means of expression favored by semi-literate people. For the past decade, portmanteaux have been used to identify celebrity...

Grappling with homosexuality: WWE finally right?

Given wrestling's checkered past of handling homosexuality, fears persist that WWE will turn Darren Young's sexuality into fodder for an onscreen angle and that the backstage environment isn't quite as tolerant of gay men as WWE is portraying it as.

Was Darren Young coming out orchestrated by WWE?

Well, the timing and delivery of it do seem a tad coincidental.

Special report: Brock eats food, lots of it!

TMZ has broken the Earth-shattering news that Brock Lesnar and his wife Sable had a big meal at an Italian restaurant in New Jersey this week.

Tammy Sytch freed from jail, claims cancer scare

According to TMZ, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch is finally a free woman again after serving in full her 114 day prison sentence. Apparently, a HPV infection turned into cervical cancer whilst in jail, she had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and is now cancer free.

Austin Aries fined by TNA over Christy Hemme spat

TMZ has reported that TNA has severely fined Austin Aries for his unscripted crotch thrust directed towards Christy Hemme and that he has privately apologised to her. Hemme has since informed TNA officials that she was "satisfied" with his apology.

Reid Flair, son of Ric Flair, reported dead

In one of the youngest tragedies in wrestling history, Ric Flair's son Reid has been found dead at age 25 in his hotel room earlier today. We at Cageside Seats would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the Flair family.

Will Stephanie McMahon appear at WrestleMania?

WWE has uploaded a YouTube video of Stephanie McMahon doing a boxing workout session, which was publicised by TMZ. This has led to the inevitable speculation that she will appear in Triple H's corner at WrestleMania 29 to keep Paul Heyman at bay.

TMZ: Chris Masters saves mother from arson attack

In a nice change of pace, TMZ has publicised the bizarre story of Chris Masters having to save his mum from her burning home, after a deranged neighbour set fire to the place. Could this good PR lead to a return to WWE for "The Masterpiece"?

Several Oakland Raiders congratulate Brendon Ayanbadejo on gay marriage win

Brendon Ayanbadejo The Baltimore Ravens brutalized the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, 55-20. It was the most points scored in Ravens history....

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