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The Shifts that Changed the Game: The Defection


In 1989, a fresh-faced Russian named Alexander Mogilny rewrote the NHL as we now know it.

Austin Daye interview on HoopsHype


Austin Daye discusses playing in Russia, getting acclimated to Moscow, and hoping for a resolution to the NBA lockout. http://blogs.hoopshype.com/blogs/zarrabi/2011/11/10/austin-daye-im-eager-to-come-home/

Mark Trumbo Disappears in Angels Depth Chart Pravda


Despite an amazing season at the plate, the Angels officially published depth chart lists Mark Trumbo as second in depth to Kendry Morales, who has not played a major league game since May of 2010.

FT: You Are What You Meme

If you have an email inbox, you will, even if the term is unfamiliar, have come across what it denotes: the viral ephemera that washes across the Internet, proliferates on Facebook walls and trends on Twitter. The Internet is the most potent medium of mass communication in human history, but we use it to exchange videos of cats jumping through cardboard boxes, old Rick Astley songs, and pictures of a rabbit with a pancake balanced on its head. The success of these memes prompts certain questions. Not least, what’s wrong with us? But also, what do they tell us about our relationships with each other? And what is it that makes certain memes catch fire? .... One of the most enduring and easily remixed meme genres is what users on Internet forums call the "image macro"—that is, a picture with lettering across it—of which the best known is probably the LOLcat. There are now millions of these in circulation. The archetypal LOLcat—back in the dawn of time, i.e. 2007, was a fat-looking gray mog asking: "I can has cheezburger?" Subgenres sprang up, multiplied, divided, and adapted. The Bible has been translated into LOLspeak, and LOLwalruses are already old, old news. Image macros may use a specific image and an associated running joke, or a phrasal template of the sort known as "snowclones": for example, "to X, or not to X"; "X is the new Y." Snowclones are catnip to the Internet. A catchphrase from online war games, "I’m in your base, killing your men" (and numerous misspelled alternatives), has spawned the snowclone, "I’m in ur X, Ying ur Z." You’ll find it on LOLcats: "I’m in ur fridge, eating ur noms." Kanye West’s famous interruption—"I’ma let you finish"—was another instant snowclone; "Yo Jesus, I’m real happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Allah had one of the best ideas of all time. Of all time!" And so forth. http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/ft/2011/10/what_memes_like_maru_the_cat_and_star_wars_kid_say_about_us.single.html

"He’s my favorite basketballist"

...[A]long the avenues in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, the enclave of Russian immigrants, those who professed to be Knicks fans said they were pleased that Timofey Mozgov, a Russian who was also sent to Denver as part of the deal, had served a higher purpose in bringing in a superstar. "Carmelo is legend," Paata Abuladze, 36, from Georgia, the former Soviet republic, said on Brighton Beach Avenue. "He’s my favorite basketballist, after Kobe Bryant." Mr. Abuladze speculated that Mr. Mozgov might end up with the Nets, whose principal owner is a Russian oligarch, Mikhail Prokhorov.

In Soviet Russia, citizen becomes you!

Andrei Kirilenko isn't making a big deal about it -- he didn't even tell his coach, Jerry Sloan -- but the Russian forward became a U.S. citizen on Monday. Kirilenko and his wife Masha passed their immigration tests, and were sworn as American citizens at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office, according to the Desert News. Drafted by the Jazz in 1999, Kirilenko has spent his entire 10-year career in Utah after coming over for the 2001-02 NBA season. Talking to reporters on Tuesday, he said "it was time" to become a U.S. citizen. He and his wife have two sons who are already have citizenship having been born in the U.S., and they adopted a daughter from Russia who Kirilenko said will eventually get citizenship, too.
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