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Since 9/16 Lahair is batting .179 with a .579 OPS


Hey if we're going to overreact to his stats the first half of the month surely everyone is doing the same for the second half of the month. ...right?

Since his callup, Montanez is batting 1.000 with a 2.000 SLG


That's a 3.000 OPS for the sabermetrically obsessed, which I'm pretty sure puts him on pace to be the greatest player of all time. How is Quade not playing this guy? We should bench or release all 3 outfielders and bat Montanez three times per lineup.

"On Corsi and Faceoffs" Rebuttal


BN takes the Gabe-role by rebutting an anti-Corsi post by Tom Benjamin.

"Situational Statistics": Bismack Biyombo, beyond the box score

Box-scores don't always tell us everything we need to know about what happened in an actual game, and seasonal stats can be misleading at times in attempting to project what type of NBA player a NCAA or international prospect will become. That's why it makes sense to branch out and explore other alternatives that are available to us, including those offered to us by Synergy Sports Technology, who've logged virtually every individual possession of every game this year's NBA draft class has taken part of. .... Like Valanciunas, Biyombo saw more than 80% of his shots at the basket, but he finished them at a 12% lower rate, making just 56.1% of them last season. He also turned the ball over on 25.8% of his half court possessions, the highest mark in this group, showing that, despite his ridiculously large hands, he struggled to hold onto the ball in traffic at times. Considering this was Biyombo's first taste of high level basketball, it isn't surprising to see a player with so many physical tools, still struggle. There were a couple of bright spots for Biyombo though. Seeing 33% (1st) of his touches as the roll man on the pick and roll, he finished at a solid 65% (6th) and draw fouls on nearly 31.8% (2nd) of those possessions. The Congolese center has a remarkable frame, and that shined through at times when he bowled his way through contact or finished a lob pass with a dunk. Part of Biyombo's problem revolves around his desire to do too much at times. When he wasn't turning the ball over, he managed to finish his post-up plays (63% FG, 1st) and cuts (73%, 3rd) at a solid rate, getting fouled about 20% of the time in the process, so picking and choosing his spots will likely be a key for him. Considering he played just over a dozen games before opting to attend the Hoop Summit, Biyombo's sample size skews his data a bit, but the raw aspects of his offensive game are clear. Ball security and experience are two priorities for Biyombo as he aims to play efficiently in a simple offensive role to match his elite defensive ability. http://www.draftexpress.com/article/Situational-Statistics-the-2011-Big-Men-Crop-3761/

The League of Extraordinary Statisticians: Sample Size


The League of Extraordinary Statisticians talks about sample sizes, and how much they like to work with before assessing true talent.

A Quick Note on Rob Schremp


Five games as an Islander shouldn't shift anyone's opinion of Rob Schremp.

The past 28 days: Sample Size? We don’t need no stinking Sample Size!


The Rockies have been on an absolute tear the past 28 days. Where does it place them amongst the NL?



I’ve long suspected that NHL coaches and GM’s place far too much emphasis on the games a player plays against their own team. Either Tyler at Mc79hockey.com or Vic at IOF suggested that Daniel...

Bias - Patrick O'Sullivan


In my post below, I mentioned the theory (again, not my own although I subscribe to it) that general managers probably place too much weight on their own viewings of the players in question.I...

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