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Chicago fans steal player's helmet and dump beer on him.


"During last night’s Blackhawks-Jets game, Winnipeg’s Adam Pardy was check through the glass by Brandon Bollig. Pardy ended up in the front row, on the laps of the Blackhawks’ faithful. That’s when one fan stole his helmet and another dumped beer on him." I've never seen anything like this before.

John Scott - Not The Goon You Think?


John Scott is clearly a physical player but is he the dirty-hitting, intent-to-injure, goon that he's being painted as lately?

Higher hit totals = less goals


So this isn't anything most of us realized long ago, but the US Military Academy (why, I have no idea) released a study finding that teams with lower hit totals tend to score more goals. Another interesting tidbit: missed and blocked shots have no actual effect on goal totals.

An Expected Goals Model for Evaluating NHL Teams and Players


Some really interesting work from Brian Macdonald, providing some adjustments to Corsi and Fenwick to create an expected goals model (which will help adjust plus-minus). Tasty tidbit: hits are significant statistics, in that a low number of hits by your team, and a high number of hits against your team, "are good predictors of goals."

The Stars, Caps & Funny Math In The Scorer's Box


What in the world is going on at the Verizon Center?

Arizona Cardinals Metrics Through 5 Games


How have the Cardinals fared individually so far this season. Metrics for each and every player who was played a down this season.

Week 3 Metrics - Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks


The Cardinals took a tough loss on Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks, A look at the numbers to see who came out good and who was not up the scratch

Week Two Defensive Metrics - Cardinals vs Redskins


The Cardinals defense spent close to 39 minutes on the field on Sunday against the Redskins. Check out how they fared in coverage and rushing the passer

Week Two Offensive Metrics - Cardinals vs Redksins


Week Two Offensive Metrics - How did the Cardinals OL fare against the likes of Ryan Kerrigan and Brain Orakpo, come take a look.

Arizona Cardinals Defensive Metrics - Week One


Cardinals Defensive Metrics, Coverage Numbers and Pressure Stats.

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