The Jets Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Extending bad players; not giving prospects a chance. The Winnipeg Jets have made the bed they lie in.

Combatting Ill Trade Logic


Time for Mark Chipman to Loosen His Winnipeg Jets Purse Strings

Lukas Sutter - Bloodlines Hit a Dead End


To understand one’s failure, you must retrace one’s steps. In anything there will be speed bumps. In the world of hockey, one speed bump can you lead you to a dead end.

From Russia, With Love?


With rumours of Alex Burmistrov returning to the 'Peg and that Mikhail Grabovski & Nikolai Kulemin wanting to play together, a perfect storm is brewing. Could Winnipeg revert back to its Euro-heavy...

The Jets are Stuck in the "Loser-Zone"


The Jets have finished outside of both the playoff-picture and the top-5 draft pick areas in each of the following four seasons. They are in the "Loser-Zone".

Pendulum of Risk


How risk aversion has locked TNSE in a paralysis of fear.

The Winnnipeg Jets and the Chicago Model


Asset management is a key piece to building a successful franchise, as is signing and drafting players. How does Winnipeg stack up against two other teams in the league and who should they try to...

Sorry Scheif, Bryan Little is Pretty F***ing Good


There seems to be a bit of a misconception in this town that Bryan Little is an easily replaceable #1 centre. Many are assuming Mark Scheifele will supplant him for the #1 job as soon as next year....

Sports. Soldiers. Family. Unrealistic Expectations


Andrew Ladd didn't play a hockey game after his wife had a baby. Who cares? Some surely people do. Perhaps even his teammates.

Family first


Is Andrew Ladd a bad captain for being a good father?


Super Humans and the Ethos of Pain


Some athletes commit slow suicide, leaving a trail of destruction after the lights have dimmed and the crowds have stopped cheering. Who's to blame?

Hockey and the Mythology of Tough


Hockey Players are Tough, but so is Every Other Athlete

The Stretch Drive


With 22 games left in the season, and only 3 of them left before the Trade Deadline, the Winnipeg Jets head into the stretch drive with plenty of question marks from where I sit.

Why the NHL Should go to the Olympics

There is much debate about the NHL continuing to send their players to the Olympics. Here are some reasons why they should.

2014 Sochi Olympics: To North America with Love?


Canada, America, hockey, and their European problem?

Safe is Death


By playing a risk-averse game, hockey teams are missing out on life.


Underdogs: The ultimate fan story

In sport, it's all about building championship contenders. But there is a subtle joy in cheering for an underdog that just cannot go unignored.

Pivotal Point


The Winnipeg Jets and True North Sports and Entertainment are at a pivotal point in their development, and it's time to rethink which direction this team and business is going.

The emotional cost of losing


Losing can be hard on anyone. On a professional athlete who is programmed to win and to be the best it can be even more taxing. It is looking like the losses are starting to affect the Jets psyche.

The time for a new coach is now


There have been darn near one billion takes on the woes of the Winnipeg Jets and system under coach Noel. Let's riff on that.

Winnipeg is not frozen out


No matter what nonsense spills out of the mouth of Jeff O'Neill.

What's "The Plan" anyway?


After a frustrating first half, all that is left for Jets fans to do is to look ahead.

The fallacy of the "Atlanta Five"


No more talk about Atlanta! More talk about how crappy the Jets bottom six forwards are. It didn't have to be this way.

The real problem with the Winnipeg Jets


If you are gonna shit the bed, you shit it out of your bottom - much like the Winnipeg Jets.

"Teflon" Chevy gets yet another free pass


A member of the Winnipeg MSM finally tore into the Jets, as Gary Lawless lit up the "Atlanta Association" for the clubs troubles. Yet somehow the architect that kept them all together managed to...

Racism in the NHL


Hockey fans like to see themselves as a tolerant group, but recent history shows that the opposite is true in many cases. This needs to change.

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