Pilots Logbook 2013-14: James Wright

Jared Wickerham

The Winnipeg Jets 2013-14 season has been laid to rest. This series will take an in-depth look how the team and its players have performed, and some decisions that could push the Jets forward in the future.

James Wright is a player who gained immense popularity in his first season as a member of the Winnipeg Jets. The numbers weren't always great, but his speed, hustle and a memorable tilt or two stood out to people. He even potted a couple goals.

The Basics

GP G A P TOI/60 S/60 Sh% PenD
59 0 2 2 9.4 4.4 0 3

Numbers are for all minutes.

James Wright scored zero goals in 59 games. It is really hard to get past that number. Shot production was low relative to other fourth liners. Shooting percentage was zero. A positive penalty differential is likely reflective of his hard work and speed game.



Player usage chart from extraskater.com.

EV Percentage of Team's Available TOI 5 on 5
53.2 2.3 14.7 0.7 39.2 26.9 25.2
7th 8th 14th 15th 1st 14th 14th

Rankings are given for team out of 15 forwards to play 20 or more games.

James Wright was given an offensive zone push - this comes as a bit of a surprise. Even strength time on ice was low - although lower under Paul Maurice. Powerplay time was understandably low, but penalty kill ice was frequent. Effectiveness on the PK remains a bit of a question mark.

Underlying Numbers


The y-axis is given to show the typical 40-60 sustainable spread seen for NHL calibre players. Players are compared to particular line/pair depending on 5v5 TOI per game. Population mean (average), median (50th percentile), and other percentiles are relative to player performance between 2007-12.

5v5 TOI Corsi% relCorsi% dCF/20 dCA/20 dCorsi%
7.22 47.7% -2.6% -3.040 -1.435 -2.470%

RelCorsi is team team's percentage of shot attempts with player on ice minus shot attempts with player off ice. Delta Corsi values are team's shot attempt rates with player on ice, but relative to league norm given similar usage (quality of teammates, quality opponents, zone starts, and TOI). dCF/20 is shot attempts for -where a positive number is above average-, dCA/20 is shot attempts against -where a negative number is above average-, and dCorsi% is percentage of shot attempts.

The Corsi numbers aren't great, but they aren't the telling tale here. James Wright's dCorsi split is flat out stunning. Shot attempt suppression is top notch. Shot creation is incredibly low. Like really, truly, incredibly low. The net result sits in the minus.


Zero goals scored turned James Wright into a bit of a whipping boy for both the team's lack of depth scoring and Noel logic. Wright was a solid defensive presence at 5 on 5, but his offensive game really really really needs work.

Keep or lose?

The Winnipeg Jets roster has featured too many fourth line players for too long and they already have a full allotment for next year with Anthony Peluso, Jim Slater and Eric Tangradi under contract. And that is before we consider AHL graduates and free agency. Odds are Wright's time with the Jets is done.

Bonus: It is possible

All numbers are from Extra Skater, Behind the Net and Hockey Analysis

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